Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mind Games…

Do you trust me? The answer must be no.

Because I thought I told you to let it go.

Don’t you realize that I know more than you?

And I can see the other side of what you’re going through?

You’re wasting your time and stealing My praise

With worrisome thoughts that’ll shorten your days

You’re clouding your head and infecting your mind

You’re playing out scenarios that’ll never unwind.

Your peace has been stolen. Your sleep is for sale.

Start guarding your thoughts and you will prevail.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Prayer For Moms

I was watching a TV show  
And told my child to ‘Shhhsh’
Then later it occurred to me  
How early in life we push
The ones we love away from us  
And wonder when they’ve grown
Why is it that they won’t allow  
What they’re feeling to be known?
You see she was trying to share  
Something new with me that day,
I wonder what went through her mind  
As she was ‘shewed’ away
I don’t remember her storming off  
Or acting all dejected…
The way that I would have done  
If I had been the one rejected.
So precious is that child’s heart  
So gracious and forgiving
So fresh from God, so full of love  
With such a zest for living
Lord, renew in me that tender heart 
 I see within my child
Open my ears so I can hear  
With a heart that’s undefiled.
Lord help me to focus on their thoughts
 So that I will joyfully listen
As you do for me when I speak  
There’s not one thing  you’re missing
Let them see how deeply I care 
 About everything they do
Let them see within my eyes  
A perfect reflection of YOU.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



There are scenes in my mind I’ve asked God to erase...But He said that He wouldn’t and that I needed to face

The events of my past and gave me the reason. “For every time has a purpose and everything has a season...

The stones that you’re wanting to cast away,Will need to be gathered another day

And then you’ll look back and see, That each one carried a message from ME.

While one was sent to make you stronger, Another so that your patience was longer.

Another so that you’d learn when to pray, The other one that you’d know what to say,

Then another one came to bring you gain, Yet another soon after to cause you pain,

And one was sent to bring re-birth, To an otherwise dying sense of self worth,

And one to teach you to hold your tongue, (And I know that was your hardest one...!)

And another was sent to teach you to give So that through you, I might live.”