Thursday, October 18, 2012



The Battle’s on…It’s just begun
This could be a lot of fun!

To see the victory of the Lord on my behalf
It’s gonna be hard to not laugh

At the demons and the devil
Whom the Lord will surely level

And my job is to simply sit
After I choose first to submit

My whole self to God above
And rest in the shelter of His mercy and love

This battle is not for you to fight; take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord on your behalf. 2nd Chronicles 20:17

Heart Soul Mind


Loving God with all your heart
Is the way you should start
To receive the promises in the Book
Perhaps you should take another look

With all your soul is number two
How hard can this be for you?
All he asks is that you put Him first
So that you will never thirst

To love thy God with all your mind
Is the third thing that you will find
That He asks for you to do
In order to get what you’re entitled to

With all your strength is number four
Sometimes that means down on the floor
Holding tightly until you break through
He’s trying to get His blessings to YOU.

Mark 12:30

Lord's Prayer


Our Father blessed Holy One,
When I look at all you’ve made and done
I can barely contain within my heart
All the joy that you impart.

Lord you are God of Heaven and Earth
Here’s my request for what it’s worth
That you would hurry up and come
But let Your will not mine be done

I thank you Lord that every day
You meet my every need
I thank you that you use me in your plan
And through me you sow seed

And I thank you Lord that you’ve shown me how
To fully forgive another
So I can be at peace on this earth
With no debt owed me by my brother

And I thank you lord for the hedge
Or protection You place around me
And I thank you for the obedience to submit
To you…so the devil will flee

Lord forever is Your kingdom
Full of glory and power
And here I will serve You, awaiting Your call
In the midnight hour

Wave of Resistance


There are times all I want to do is crawl into my bed
Sink down into my pillow and pull the covers up over my head
It’s like I need to rest my mind from the battle it’s thinking
Occasionally there’s a positive thought, but most of them are stinking
There’s such a tension in the air, outside my homemade tent
Lord hide me here till I’m humble enough to repent
Of anything I’ve done or any actions I haven’t taken
I all my defenses to come down, my memory to be shaken
Search out my heart Lord, make sure there’s nothing I’m hiding
From You or anyone else who’s worthy of my confiding
The sins of my past so that I may be forgiven
Create in me a clean heart that I may go on living
A healthy, wholesome, joyful life full of your love and peace,
There is a wave of resistance here I need Your help to release
The power that you’ve given me, the victory over strife…
That enables me to make my bed, so that I can get on with my life

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. Acts 1:8

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations. Rev. 2:26

But when the multitudes saw it, they marveled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men. Matt. 9:8

We All Fall


I watched a sister slip today
I watched a sister fall
I watched a sister walk away,
As if she’d done nothing at all.

I thought about the words you taught
To take every thought captive
And I know she let that one go right by,
Or her mouth wouldn’t have been that active.

Then I realized how I’d done the same,
Several times already that day
And it shamed me that what I see in others
I'd somehow keep hidden away

From my own judgment of myself
(I’m too busy looking at the rest)
And the spirits that speak into my mind
I don’t slow down long enough to test

With question’s like “are you from God?” or
“what is this and why are you here?”
And interrogate that thought, if you will,
It it’s not from God, it’ll be quite clear.

The trick is to regain control of your mind
And it’s not from the outside in…
The conversations start within your head
And that’s where you should begin

For My Helper


It wasn’t just coincidence
How I’d always made it though,
I thought I was just lucky…
Now I realize it was You.

Watching over me from a distance
You stayed just close enough,
To catch me when I was falling
When things would get too tough.

The small still voice that whispered
Comfort and encouragement in my ear
The faint glimmer that there’s still hope
When it felt like the end was near

You were the breath of reassurance
There said things would be okay
You were always calling me home
When I’d stray too far away

So to You I give my future
And I welcome you by my side
I will do wherever You lead me
And let Your light be my guide

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lesson for Mom


I sat up with my 4 year old, nursing a fever and holding her tight,
The next morning she recalled, “That was a kind of good and bad night.”
I thought that so peculiar, she’d really been feeling rotten…
Then the Lord reminded me of something I’d forgotten.
Once when I was young I held a thermometer up to a light,
So that I could be the one being cuddled and held tight.
Another time I sprained an ankle and used eye shadow to enhance
The bruise as it was fading and in my heart I’d dance
As I was the ones being showered with Mom’s attention
And I came before her chores, which seemed too many to mention.
It was a time to remember “feeling treasured” in my youth,
It made me feel so special…as if I’d needed proof
Of the love that she had for me deep within her heart
And that I came before everything else, from which she’d seldom depart
And it saddened me to think it took my baby getting sick,
To show me there’s a delicate balance in the routine to which I stick
To all more time for cuddles isn’t slacking at all,
And hugs that last 3 minutes mean more than toys being out in the hall
And stories brought home from schooled, about the events of the day,
Will get my undivided attention so her thoughts have a place to stay.
And I’ll often say “I love you,” as I smile big and look in their eyes,
And they’ll know there is an undeniable love that they can recognize
So with my three girls I’ll spend no less than twenty minutes each
So that it’ll never be for a thermometer that they reach