Sunday, December 23, 2012



I know that it’s hard
To chip away the shell
Of the person who used to be
Going to hell.
I know it’s not easy
For I’ve tasted your shame
I’ve known your hurt
And I’ve felt your pain.
You need to trust me
And dig a big hole
Confess all you’ve done
Search through your soul.
Yes, dig up past
And dig all of your hurt,
It won’t bother you again,
It’ll be covered in dirt.
But whatever you do,
DON’T jump in…
That’s hole’s not for you
It’s for your sin.
See I took your guilt
And I took your shame,
I bore your cross
And gave you a new name.
So be set free
From the days of old.
Embrace the new you,
And your Lord, BEHOLD.

Comfort Me


Lord, I need to be rocked, as if to go to sleep.
 Father, it’s to my spirit that I need for you to speak.
Some words of reassurance that it’ll be okay...
Some kind and psalm-like melody, to help me find my way

Out of this web I’ve woven, which is my tangled past
And free me from the weight when I feel that I can’t last
Another minute from the pressure that boils from within,
Lord, when all else fails me, help me to begin

To seek You and Your comfort and know without a doubt 
That this test too, could come from you and I’ll soon be let out,
Of the holes that I have dug for myself, some which are quite deep.
And I’ll soon be filling them up with the dust I shake off my feet

Then I can stand before You worthy and stand before You bold,
As the treasures for my life on earth you’ve given to me...unfold.

The Stones


There are scenes in my mind I’ve asked God to erase...
But He said that He wouldn’t and that I needed to face
The events of my past and gave me the reason.
“For every time has a purpose and everything has a season...

The stones that you’re wanting to cast away,
Will need to be gathered another day
And then you’ll look back and see,
That each one carried a message from ME.

While one was sent to make you stronger,
Another so that your patience was longer.
Another so that you’d learn when to pray,
The other one that you’d know what to say,

Then another one came to bring you gain,
Yet another soon after to cause you pain,
And one was sent to bring re-birth,
To an otherwise dying sense of self-worth,

And one to teach you to hold your tongue,
(And I know that was your hardest one...!)
And another was sent to teach you to give
So that through you, I might live.”

Monday, December 3, 2012

Drama Queen

                                             DRAMA QUEEN

                                              IN YOUR LIFE
                                               THERE IS NO LACK
                                                NO NEED FOR THE DRAMA,
                                                YOU'RE NOT "UNDER ATTACK"

                                               IT'S JUST YOU &" YOUR BUDDY"
                                               SAYING HOW THINGS SHOULD BE
                                               AND ANYONE WHO OPPOSES...
                                               BECOMES YOUR ENEMY

                                                YOU'VE DONE THIS BEFORE
                                                YOU'VE PLAYED OUT A SCENE
                                                OF HOW YOU WANT THINGS TO BE
                                                & WHEN THEY AREN'T YOU GET MEAN

                                                 YOU'RE ACTING SELFISH & RUDE
                                                  & IT'S TERRIBLY UNFAIR
                                                 TO FORCE YOUR THEATRICS
                                                 ON THE REST OF US THERE

                                                  YOU NEED TO DECIDE
                                                  JUST WHO'S IN CONTROL
                                                  OF YOUR MIND,YOUR WILL,
                                                 YOUR EMOTIONS, YOUR SOUL

                                                  BECAUSE IF YOU CAN'T
                                                  GET A GRIP ON YOUR STRIFE
                                                  & SHOW "YOUR BUDDY"
                                                  WHO'S IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE

                                                  YOU'LL FIND AS YOU AGE
                                                  THAT YOU'RE ALL ALONE 
                                                   AND YOU WILL BE REAPING
                                                  EXACTLY  WHAT YOU'VE SOWN