Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rest in Peace.


Lord let me lie down

Without any regret

Let there be nothing

About this day

I’d choose to forget

No could of’s or should of’s

No what if’s or didn’ts

No wish I hadn’t said thats

No need for repentance

No if I’d only’s

No wish I could erase

No if I’d’ve done that’s

Nothing to take the place

Of praising you and thanking You

For a day well spent

Within the comfort of your guidance

And your spirit that you sent.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Go…

Do you have any unforgiveness

That you can’t seem to let go?

Is your life full of bitterness

That’s stopping up the flow?

Of the blessings, truth and mercy

God’s trying to get through?

If you cannot forgive others

Then He cannot forgive you

You’re living your life without Him

Selfish and all alone

As though “you” were all that mattered

And in your heart He’s found no Home

He’s called your name before

I’m sure you’ve heard Him once or twice

But His Voice was drowned by your anger

In a heart that was as cold as ice

He wonders how you could doubt Him

And the love He has for You

He’s sent His Word to help you

And His Spirit to see you through

The trials and disappointments

That you have faced on your own

Were never intended for you

To go through all alone

That’s a choice that You made

When you stopped up the flow

With the anger and unforgiveness…

He now wants you to “LET GO” 


“For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.”

Matthew 6:14-15

Born to Be Blessed

Do you realize that you were born to blessed?

God has given you this life as a test

To see which guy you’ll work for

To see which side you’ll choose

He doesn’t say “I knew it!”

If you should start to lose…

His desire is to bless you

He wants to get you through

This life that He has given

As a precious gift to you

He’s given you His Peace

He’s given you His Son

There’s nothing that you did

That He can’t make “undone”

So when things start to happen

That you really can’t explain

And the lack that you’ve been feeling

Begins to turn to gain

That’s a sign from God

That you’ve entered into His Rest

And the reason that He put You here

Is that


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He’s got all the Answers

When I was growing up

We had a magic 8 ball for a toy

You would shake it and ask it questions

(usually about a boy!)

Flip it over and an answer

would ‘pop up’ for you to view

and if you liked it

then you’d ask it something new.

But if you didn’t like

the answer that you’d gotten,

you’d say that it was broken,

you’d say that it was rotten.

Or you’d change the question just a little

as if to play a trick…

But boy that little 8 ball,

to its answer it would stick.

Then you’d shake it harder and harder

and ask it over and over again

and if you still didn’t like what it was saying

then you’d pass it to a friend.

As this was brought to my memory

I found it sort of odd,

that this is exactly the way

we sometimes treat our God.

He gives us all the answers

that we need to hear

but we shake our heads and say

“the answer’s just not clear.”

We think that just because

we don’t like what He is saying,

we can ask Him over and over again.

Only God is NOT playing.

He’ll only put up with

Our stubbornness for a season.

Then He’ll cause us some real pain

for which we’ll find no reason.

He’ll make it hurt just hard enough

To bring us to our knees.

Then wait for us to cry out

“Lord help me would you please?”

“Your strength is in your spirit”

He’ll say “Your flesh is oh so weak…

P.S. next time try to listen

When you ask for me to speak.”

The War Within

When my spirit's in a battle, against my flesh at night,
And each one is trying to prove that he's right
Oh what a pity party I have got in my head.
I hear so many voices, I don't don't even know what I just said
One minute I find you and rest assured in your care,
And the next I turn to seek you and find you're not there
See you don't want any part of someone with a double mind
Who says they're searching for answers but there won't be any to find
Until they realize that there’s honor in being chastised by you,
And there's a higher calling you're trying to get them to.
Will they buckle under pressure and put up a defense wall?
Or humble themselves to correction so they can fulfill your call?
Lord there is a crown of glory awaiting for their head,
If they can just push through and seek your wisdom instead
Of battling the voices that dance within their mind
All the answers to their problems I'm sure that they will find.
By Diana Marsh

Monday, May 16, 2011



Brace yourself

Here it comes again

Another story from

A past that won’t end

To not tell the whole truth

…is to lie

So, tell all that you can

And let it die

The only real way

To clean up you mess

Is to trust God to heal

After you confess

Trust in His promise

Of restoration

Free yourself up

Without hesitation

Believe when He said

If you tell and let go

That all of your sins

Would be made white as snow


Confess your faults to one another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. James 5:16


Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, and they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isaiah 1:18

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking Each Thought Captive

Pastor sent us off the other day with homework to be done. The kind you need to think about constantly in order to overcome.

I had no idea upon hearing it, how much time it would consume. I had no idea I needed so much work in order to resume,

Control of the battle ground in my mind by taking each thought captive. I’d always seem to hear at least 2 voices, my mind’s never been so active.

Is He really serious about you thinking about every little thing you say? You bet He is! And even more so, you can’t “just push them away.”

He said for you to “sit them down…as though they’re in a chair,” and interrogate and torture them and find out why they’re there.

See these spirits really don't want to fight you...They like to be there undetected. So if you'll put up your "Spiritual Fist" they'll walk away rejected.

They don't have what it takes to battle you, it is a fight they've already lost. But if you're too lazy to even pick up your weapons, then to what effect was Jesus's cross?

For forgiving transgressions and iniquities, and we all know and need the healing, but "THE CHASTISEMENT OF YOUR PEACE WAS UPON HIM" and THAT is what the devil is stealing!

So the next time you allow him access to the controls within your mind…Sit him down in a corner and see if you can find

Anything good from anything he is trying to get you to say and when you’re done, and you’ve called his bluff, tell him to “GO AWAY!”

See also,  “Thoughts”

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Process of Sanctification


 Lord, I’ve been doing some things lately,

That I know are not from you...

They’re from that old part of me

That’s somehow getting through


Sanctification can’t come

Fast enough for me

It seems to be from my own self

That I most need to get free


Teach me to walk in the spirit Lord,

To Talk and listen in it too

Help me to call on Your wisdom

Before I attempt to do


Anything to anyone

That won’t bear witness of

My faith and hope and the provision

Of Your Grace and Your Love.


“In fact, I don’t understand why I act the way I do. I don’t do what I know is right. I do the things I hate.” CEV Rom. 7:15 “For that which I do I allow not, for what I would, that do I not, but what I hate, that do I.” KJV

2nd Thess. 2:13 “God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and the belief of the truth.”

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hide And Seek

Just cause I’m okay today

Doesn’t mean I’ve ‘entered into your rest’

For another trial waits around the corner

To put me to the test

It’s been sent by you to humble me

To show me where I’m weak

It’s here to expose the next mountain

At which I’ll need to speak

It’s a process that’s hard to get used to

Self discipline becomes a must

It requires separation of body and spirit

After all the flesh is only dust

The things that make us ‘who we are’

Our ‘tendencies’ from day to day

Aren’t always given from God

And some need to be cast away.

So don’t worry about losing ‘part of yourself’

The devil’s messing with your mind

The flaw he wants you to forget about

Is exactly the one God wants you to find.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sexual Purity

You’re staying pure for Jesus, Not just your husband or wife; you’re obeying a commandment from the One who gave you life.
Your body is his temple, not just a sexual toy. You are to avoid and resist the temptations from a manipulative girl or boy.
And if you don’t stand on the Rock, in order to defend, your choice to remain pure, Satan is gonna get in
He’ll use someone you like, someone who makes your knees weak, someone with whom you feel privileged to even have a chance to speak.
Then he’ll get you in a situation, where no one else is around, and he’ll take you farther than you want to go, and leave you on the ground.
So now you’re one of his children, your virtue is forsaken. Don’t make any excuses for how it happened, for you allowed it to be taken.
See your flesh is extremely weak when it comes to sexual advances, so avoid being alone with someone, and don’t take any chances.
On being able to stop yourself, once you’ve gone too far. You see you were not alone when you where in that car.
There is a cloud of witnesses watching everything you do, so if you think no one will know, well then you’re only fooling you.
You’ve just messed with something eternal, and defiled the Lord’s temple. You’ve been turned over for destruction, the holiness is gone, it’s just that simple.
And once you’ve crossed that line, there is no turning back, the sin of fortification doesn’t cut you any slack.
See you are not your own, so glorify God as you ought. And remember the precious Price, at which you were bought.
God & Diana Marsh

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joy in trials

Hold onto Jesus  
And don’t let go
For there will be trails 
 The bible says so
They’re given for a purpose. 
 It’s part of His plan
You're to count them all joy  
And rejoice if you can
Knowing that going through them  
Your faith’s in a test
And patience is the reward  
With which God wants to bless.
YOU for persevering and not giving in   
To the temptations that surround you,  
The subtle call of sin.
So stand fast my brethren  
And resist the evil one...
Looking unto Jesus  
And all that He’s done.
See, He was all God,
But he was also all Man,
He’s already won the victory  
So that you can
While you simply sail through
All of life’s storms  
When they seem to engulf you
Knowing that the testing of your faith 
 Makes you stronger
And that patience is making you perfect,
In case He tarries longer
   God said Christ in You....that means if He did it ... so can we...He said I will send you a Helper a Comforter. Greater is He that is in you than He who is in the world. I think we sometimes forget this, this was God reminding me that ... I CAN...I MUST...I WILL... ~Diana Marsh

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why is it we get so comfortable

and simply don’t want to change

All the things in our lives

That we need to rearrange?

What makes us so hard headed

And so unwilling to give

A chance to something new

That may actually help us live,

The life that we’d been hoping for

Fulfilled with all our dreams?

No. we’d rather tackle the closet

That’s bursting at the seams.

Or perhaps change the color

Of our main d├ęcor

And if that’s not enough

Start moving furniture across the floor.

Then rearrange the kitchen cabinets

Or buy new linens for the bed...

But the answer’s not in our house

The answer’s in our head.

See, God gives us an unction

A ‘knowing’ in the inside

If we will get quiet and seek him

His Holy Spirit will be our guide.

He has the answers to all of our questions

And the worries in our head

He knows the path to peace & righteousness,

If we’ll let ourselves be led.

You see purification is a process

A fight against your will.

And it’s a battle that He won for you...

2000 years ago on a hill.


This one is so precious to me. It speaks of the distractions we all face when we “”act”” like we’re seeking God. Maybe He’s answered & we just didn’t like that one, so we busy ourselves in other areas of our lives as a stall against doing what it is He wants us to be doing. In being a full time mother, juggling becomes a skill but it’s only when you allow Him to prioritize your day…does it run smoothly. with love in Him I pray this helps at least one of you. Diana Marsh  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is It Finished?

When Jesus said “it is finished” on the cross

He was talking about HIS part of the cost.

The rest of the work isn’t quite through

The completion of it depends on YOU.

See all Jesus did was pay the price

To redeem you to God, He sacrificed,

And became the sin of all the earth

And through His death gave you new birth

To believe in this will get you “in the door”

But to remain with Him requires so much more.

To simply say that your sins are ‘washed away’

And that there’s no more price for you to pay...

Just isn’t true, there’s work to be done

And as Paul says a race to be won.

It’s a test that runs here on earth

And starts the day of your ‘re-birth’

So that when trails come, you still make a choice

But it takes WORK to hear your Father’s voice.

And PATIENCE to wait on His okay

For something to do or something to say

And FAITH to know that you’re in His will

And COURAGE to carry it out (when you’d rather be still)

And HUMILITY to take correction from the Man of God in your life

And BRAVERY to be a husband, and SUBMISSION to be a wife.

So can we say that ‘it is finished’ and our work here is through?

No, no...See that was Jesus...and He just passed the ball to YOU!

My Lullaby (By my daughter Arial)

Who will I be when I get free? Can no one see me?
I walk, wander through my life. Using substance to escape the strife 
That came from my choice. When I forgot I had a voice.
And all that came hence- Now called my existence 
Who will I be when I get free? I don’t want you to help me.
The ‘me’ that was, is lost. The me that is, is lost 
What part of me am I? I don’t know- when I fly.
But I like to fly. I like to feel so high.  
But when I fall...I fall-landing in a stall
No one there but me Even if me is plenty 
I find someone fun. With him I like to run.
He will take me flying, But I hide tears I’m crying. 
So I fly to escape it- Going higher, just a bit
Using substance to escape the strife The fearful strife now my life 
Who will I be when I get free? He does not see me.
Who truly am I? ...That was my lullaby.
I land in my stall. Higher I go- farther I must fall.
(But I like to fly!) ...Even if two years have now gone by.
I kill a life- new life. I fly to escape that guilt and strife.
My heart is freshly tearing. Just look at what I’m wearing!
This is not me! Not who I want to be!
But who am I? That was my lullaby. 
I fall back to my same stall. The four walls, my stall,
(But I like to fly!) No matter the three years now gone by 
Who will I be when I get free? Who is this person I now see?
And who am I? ...My lullaby. 
The sky is too far up. So now I use a cup.
I fill it full. I feel its pull.
I do not want to fly now. The sky is just too high now.
(I like to float.) No matter I can’t afford a coat. 
But when I float... I am pulled from my boat.
I am pulled, so far, far down. Then I drown. 
I am alone. No place to call home.
If I fly- fall to a stall. If I float- drown too deep to call. 
There is no strife. I have no life.
I want to die. Ending my silent cry
The cry I cry Watching the year crawl by
I do not fly- no longer float (Now I smoke!) 
The peace I get...Making it easy to forget
When I floated and flew But it is over- now I knew 
I knew all I’d done. What once seen as fun
My silent cry, my silence Nothing makes the difference 
Who will I be when I get free? Who is me, where is she?
Who am I? That was my lullaby. 
I fall, drown, and choke Not to mention I’m broke.
No friends, no cash Nothing that will last 
I am alone. I cry. No one is allowed to hear my cry.
Avoiding the eyes of passers by They don’t want to see me cry  
It is dark now...Can’t cry- not allowed.
I cannot fly- no money for coke. Or float or smoke...
She is different Why does she look bent?
Oh, I can see. That poor girl is me
Who am I? Who can now see me?
...To hear my cry? That was my lullaby.
I don’t want to fly, float, or smoke. No coke, cups, and I don’t want to choke.
I want help. I need help. But who can hear my cry? I am tired of my lullaby.
But who will hear? I don’t let anyone near... 
Who will I be once free? I want to see a new me.
Someone to hear me cry To change my lullaby 
But I can’t do it, so I ask. “You don’t want your flask?”
...But even they can’t help me. Sometimes I agree that I am crazy. 
I know I can get free! ...If someone would just see me.
So I listen to my same lullaby, Hating the six years gone by 
Who will ever see me and how? “Child, I can see you now” 
I know what I heard- No matter how absurd
No one else could hear me cry No one else could stop my lullaby 
I had to ask for needed aid. He let me know my debt is paid.
He heard me cry that night Seen my whole plight 
I read I plead I see...I see me. I am HE. He loves me.
I am not alone. He is my home 
I fly with Him. I drown in Him.
Choking on His air Reminded He is there. 
He can see me. He loves me.
He knows ‘who am I’ That is my new lullaby. 
Who will I be when I get free? Depends... I am free from me.
In Him I’m alive, For Him I strive He is my new high With Him I love to fly.
This is BLISS! Hello, my name is...