Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking Each Thought Captive

Pastor sent us off the other day with homework to be done. The kind you need to think about constantly in order to overcome.

I had no idea upon hearing it, how much time it would consume. I had no idea I needed so much work in order to resume,

Control of the battle ground in my mind by taking each thought captive. I’d always seem to hear at least 2 voices, my mind’s never been so active.

Is He really serious about you thinking about every little thing you say? You bet He is! And even more so, you can’t “just push them away.”

He said for you to “sit them down…as though they’re in a chair,” and interrogate and torture them and find out why they’re there.

See these spirits really don't want to fight you...They like to be there undetected. So if you'll put up your "Spiritual Fist" they'll walk away rejected.

They don't have what it takes to battle you, it is a fight they've already lost. But if you're too lazy to even pick up your weapons, then to what effect was Jesus's cross?

For forgiving transgressions and iniquities, and we all know and need the healing, but "THE CHASTISEMENT OF YOUR PEACE WAS UPON HIM" and THAT is what the devil is stealing!

So the next time you allow him access to the controls within your mind…Sit him down in a corner and see if you can find

Anything good from anything he is trying to get you to say and when you’re done, and you’ve called his bluff, tell him to “GO AWAY!”

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