Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why is it we get so comfortable

and simply don’t want to change

All the things in our lives

That we need to rearrange?

What makes us so hard headed

And so unwilling to give

A chance to something new

That may actually help us live,

The life that we’d been hoping for

Fulfilled with all our dreams?

No. we’d rather tackle the closet

That’s bursting at the seams.

Or perhaps change the color

Of our main d├ęcor

And if that’s not enough

Start moving furniture across the floor.

Then rearrange the kitchen cabinets

Or buy new linens for the bed...

But the answer’s not in our house

The answer’s in our head.

See, God gives us an unction

A ‘knowing’ in the inside

If we will get quiet and seek him

His Holy Spirit will be our guide.

He has the answers to all of our questions

And the worries in our head

He knows the path to peace & righteousness,

If we’ll let ourselves be led.

You see purification is a process

A fight against your will.

And it’s a battle that He won for you...

2000 years ago on a hill.


This one is so precious to me. It speaks of the distractions we all face when we “”act”” like we’re seeking God. Maybe He’s answered & we just didn’t like that one, so we busy ourselves in other areas of our lives as a stall against doing what it is He wants us to be doing. In being a full time mother, juggling becomes a skill but it’s only when you allow Him to prioritize your day…does it run smoothly. with love in Him I pray this helps at least one of you. Diana Marsh  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is It Finished?

When Jesus said “it is finished” on the cross

He was talking about HIS part of the cost.

The rest of the work isn’t quite through

The completion of it depends on YOU.

See all Jesus did was pay the price

To redeem you to God, He sacrificed,

And became the sin of all the earth

And through His death gave you new birth

To believe in this will get you “in the door”

But to remain with Him requires so much more.

To simply say that your sins are ‘washed away’

And that there’s no more price for you to pay...

Just isn’t true, there’s work to be done

And as Paul says a race to be won.

It’s a test that runs here on earth

And starts the day of your ‘re-birth’

So that when trails come, you still make a choice

But it takes WORK to hear your Father’s voice.

And PATIENCE to wait on His okay

For something to do or something to say

And FAITH to know that you’re in His will

And COURAGE to carry it out (when you’d rather be still)

And HUMILITY to take correction from the Man of God in your life

And BRAVERY to be a husband, and SUBMISSION to be a wife.

So can we say that ‘it is finished’ and our work here is through?

No, no...See that was Jesus...and He just passed the ball to YOU!

My Lullaby (By my daughter Arial)

Who will I be when I get free? Can no one see me?
I walk, wander through my life. Using substance to escape the strife 
That came from my choice. When I forgot I had a voice.
And all that came hence- Now called my existence 
Who will I be when I get free? I don’t want you to help me.
The ‘me’ that was, is lost. The me that is, is lost 
What part of me am I? I don’t know- when I fly.
But I like to fly. I like to feel so high.  
But when I fall...I fall-landing in a stall
No one there but me Even if me is plenty 
I find someone fun. With him I like to run.
He will take me flying, But I hide tears I’m crying. 
So I fly to escape it- Going higher, just a bit
Using substance to escape the strife The fearful strife now my life 
Who will I be when I get free? He does not see me.
Who truly am I? ...That was my lullaby.
I land in my stall. Higher I go- farther I must fall.
(But I like to fly!) ...Even if two years have now gone by.
I kill a life- new life. I fly to escape that guilt and strife.
My heart is freshly tearing. Just look at what I’m wearing!
This is not me! Not who I want to be!
But who am I? That was my lullaby. 
I fall back to my same stall. The four walls, my stall,
(But I like to fly!) No matter the three years now gone by 
Who will I be when I get free? Who is this person I now see?
And who am I? ...My lullaby. 
The sky is too far up. So now I use a cup.
I fill it full. I feel its pull.
I do not want to fly now. The sky is just too high now.
(I like to float.) No matter I can’t afford a coat. 
But when I float... I am pulled from my boat.
I am pulled, so far, far down. Then I drown. 
I am alone. No place to call home.
If I fly- fall to a stall. If I float- drown too deep to call. 
There is no strife. I have no life.
I want to die. Ending my silent cry
The cry I cry Watching the year crawl by
I do not fly- no longer float (Now I smoke!) 
The peace I get...Making it easy to forget
When I floated and flew But it is over- now I knew 
I knew all I’d done. What once seen as fun
My silent cry, my silence Nothing makes the difference 
Who will I be when I get free? Who is me, where is she?
Who am I? That was my lullaby. 
I fall, drown, and choke Not to mention I’m broke.
No friends, no cash Nothing that will last 
I am alone. I cry. No one is allowed to hear my cry.
Avoiding the eyes of passers by They don’t want to see me cry  
It is dark now...Can’t cry- not allowed.
I cannot fly- no money for coke. Or float or smoke...
She is different Why does she look bent?
Oh, I can see. That poor girl is me
Who am I? Who can now see me?
...To hear my cry? That was my lullaby.
I don’t want to fly, float, or smoke. No coke, cups, and I don’t want to choke.
I want help. I need help. But who can hear my cry? I am tired of my lullaby.
But who will hear? I don’t let anyone near... 
Who will I be once free? I want to see a new me.
Someone to hear me cry To change my lullaby 
But I can’t do it, so I ask. “You don’t want your flask?”
...But even they can’t help me. Sometimes I agree that I am crazy. 
I know I can get free! ...If someone would just see me.
So I listen to my same lullaby, Hating the six years gone by 
Who will ever see me and how? “Child, I can see you now” 
I know what I heard- No matter how absurd
No one else could hear me cry No one else could stop my lullaby 
I had to ask for needed aid. He let me know my debt is paid.
He heard me cry that night Seen my whole plight 
I read I plead I see...I see me. I am HE. He loves me.
I am not alone. He is my home 
I fly with Him. I drown in Him.
Choking on His air Reminded He is there. 
He can see me. He loves me.
He knows ‘who am I’ That is my new lullaby. 
Who will I be when I get free? Depends... I am free from me.
In Him I’m alive, For Him I strive He is my new high With Him I love to fly.
This is BLISS! Hello, my name is...