Friday, July 13, 2012


Lord, take what is left of me to use…
Can you find any part that I didn’t abuse?
Maybe something overlooked by the prince of the earth?
Is there anything here in which you find worth?
And He said, “That you seek Me with all of your heart,
 is much more than most and a very good start. 
See I made a promise to protect and to bless, 
all of the people who would address, 
Me as their Lord and Me as their source.
But they have to repent. I won’t take them by force.
So the fact that you eagerly seek out My will, 
means there’s plenty left in you still, 
to help Me establish My Glory on earth, 
to which there is no measure of worth!”

Years of neglect, years of selfish ambitions & abuse somehow seemed to seep in, rendering me unworthy…this was a cry, a plea out to God if you will as a last resort of my intentions for the remainder of my life. The previous was His swift & just response. PRAISE GOD HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER.