Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why is it we get so comfortable

and simply don’t want to change

All the things in our lives

That we need to rearrange?

What makes us so hard headed

And so unwilling to give

A chance to something new

That may actually help us live,

The life that we’d been hoping for

Fulfilled with all our dreams?

No. we’d rather tackle the closet

That’s bursting at the seams.

Or perhaps change the color

Of our main décor

And if that’s not enough

Start moving furniture across the floor.

Then rearrange the kitchen cabinets

Or buy new linens for the bed...

But the answer’s not in our house

The answer’s in our head.

See, God gives us an unction

A ‘knowing’ in the inside

If we will get quiet and seek him

His Holy Spirit will be our guide.

He has the answers to all of our questions

And the worries in our head

He knows the path to peace & righteousness,

If we’ll let ourselves be led.

You see purification is a process

A fight against your will.

And it’s a battle that He won for you...

2000 years ago on a hill.


This one is so precious to me. It speaks of the distractions we all face when we “”act”” like we’re seeking God. Maybe He’s answered & we just didn’t like that one, so we busy ourselves in other areas of our lives as a stall against doing what it is He wants us to be doing. In being a full time mother, juggling becomes a skill but it’s only when you allow Him to prioritize your day…does it run smoothly. with love in Him I pray this helps at least one of you. Diana Marsh  

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