Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He’s got all the Answers

When I was growing up

We had a magic 8 ball for a toy

You would shake it and ask it questions

(usually about a boy!)

Flip it over and an answer

would ‘pop up’ for you to view

and if you liked it

then you’d ask it something new.

But if you didn’t like

the answer that you’d gotten,

you’d say that it was broken,

you’d say that it was rotten.

Or you’d change the question just a little

as if to play a trick…

But boy that little 8 ball,

to its answer it would stick.

Then you’d shake it harder and harder

and ask it over and over again

and if you still didn’t like what it was saying

then you’d pass it to a friend.

As this was brought to my memory

I found it sort of odd,

that this is exactly the way

we sometimes treat our God.

He gives us all the answers

that we need to hear

but we shake our heads and say

“the answer’s just not clear.”

We think that just because

we don’t like what He is saying,

we can ask Him over and over again.

Only God is NOT playing.

He’ll only put up with

Our stubbornness for a season.

Then He’ll cause us some real pain

for which we’ll find no reason.

He’ll make it hurt just hard enough

To bring us to our knees.

Then wait for us to cry out

“Lord help me would you please?”

“Your strength is in your spirit”

He’ll say “Your flesh is oh so weak…

P.S. next time try to listen

When you ask for me to speak.”

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