Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The War Within

When my spirit's in a battle, against my flesh at night,
And each one is trying to prove that he's right
Oh what a pity party I have got in my head.
I hear so many voices, I don't don't even know what I just said
One minute I find you and rest assured in your care,
And the next I turn to seek you and find you're not there
See you don't want any part of someone with a double mind
Who says they're searching for answers but there won't be any to find
Until they realize that there’s honor in being chastised by you,
And there's a higher calling you're trying to get them to.
Will they buckle under pressure and put up a defense wall?
Or humble themselves to correction so they can fulfill your call?
Lord there is a crown of glory awaiting for their head,
If they can just push through and seek your wisdom instead
Of battling the voices that dance within their mind
All the answers to their problems I'm sure that they will find.
By Diana Marsh

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