Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hide And Seek

Just cause I’m okay today

Doesn’t mean I’ve ‘entered into your rest’

For another trial waits around the corner

To put me to the test

It’s been sent by you to humble me

To show me where I’m weak

It’s here to expose the next mountain

At which I’ll need to speak

It’s a process that’s hard to get used to

Self discipline becomes a must

It requires separation of body and spirit

After all the flesh is only dust

The things that make us ‘who we are’

Our ‘tendencies’ from day to day

Aren’t always given from God

And some need to be cast away.

So don’t worry about losing ‘part of yourself’

The devil’s messing with your mind

The flaw he wants you to forget about

Is exactly the one God wants you to find.

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