Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sexual Purity

You’re staying pure for Jesus, Not just your husband or wife; you’re obeying a commandment from the One who gave you life.
Your body is his temple, not just a sexual toy. You are to avoid and resist the temptations from a manipulative girl or boy.
And if you don’t stand on the Rock, in order to defend, your choice to remain pure, Satan is gonna get in
He’ll use someone you like, someone who makes your knees weak, someone with whom you feel privileged to even have a chance to speak.
Then he’ll get you in a situation, where no one else is around, and he’ll take you farther than you want to go, and leave you on the ground.
So now you’re one of his children, your virtue is forsaken. Don’t make any excuses for how it happened, for you allowed it to be taken.
See your flesh is extremely weak when it comes to sexual advances, so avoid being alone with someone, and don’t take any chances.
On being able to stop yourself, once you’ve gone too far. You see you were not alone when you where in that car.
There is a cloud of witnesses watching everything you do, so if you think no one will know, well then you’re only fooling you.
You’ve just messed with something eternal, and defiled the Lord’s temple. You’ve been turned over for destruction, the holiness is gone, it’s just that simple.
And once you’ve crossed that line, there is no turning back, the sin of fortification doesn’t cut you any slack.
See you are not your own, so glorify God as you ought. And remember the precious Price, at which you were bought.
God & Diana Marsh

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