Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lesson for Mom


I sat up with my 4 year old, nursing a fever and holding her tight,
The next morning she recalled, “That was a kind of good and bad night.”
I thought that so peculiar, she’d really been feeling rotten…
Then the Lord reminded me of something I’d forgotten.
Once when I was young I held a thermometer up to a light,
So that I could be the one being cuddled and held tight.
Another time I sprained an ankle and used eye shadow to enhance
The bruise as it was fading and in my heart I’d dance
As I was the ones being showered with Mom’s attention
And I came before her chores, which seemed too many to mention.
It was a time to remember “feeling treasured” in my youth,
It made me feel so special…as if I’d needed proof
Of the love that she had for me deep within her heart
And that I came before everything else, from which she’d seldom depart
And it saddened me to think it took my baby getting sick,
To show me there’s a delicate balance in the routine to which I stick
To all more time for cuddles isn’t slacking at all,
And hugs that last 3 minutes mean more than toys being out in the hall
And stories brought home from schooled, about the events of the day,
Will get my undivided attention so her thoughts have a place to stay.
And I’ll often say “I love you,” as I smile big and look in their eyes,
And they’ll know there is an undeniable love that they can recognize
So with my three girls I’ll spend no less than twenty minutes each
So that it’ll never be for a thermometer that they reach

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