Thursday, October 18, 2012

We All Fall


I watched a sister slip today
I watched a sister fall
I watched a sister walk away,
As if she’d done nothing at all.

I thought about the words you taught
To take every thought captive
And I know she let that one go right by,
Or her mouth wouldn’t have been that active.

Then I realized how I’d done the same,
Several times already that day
And it shamed me that what I see in others
I'd somehow keep hidden away

From my own judgment of myself
(I’m too busy looking at the rest)
And the spirits that speak into my mind
I don’t slow down long enough to test

With question’s like “are you from God?” or
“what is this and why are you here?”
And interrogate that thought, if you will,
It it’s not from God, it’ll be quite clear.

The trick is to regain control of your mind
And it’s not from the outside in…
The conversations start within your head
And that’s where you should begin

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