Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lord's Prayer


Our Father blessed Holy One,
When I look at all you’ve made and done
I can barely contain within my heart
All the joy that you impart.

Lord you are God of Heaven and Earth
Here’s my request for what it’s worth
That you would hurry up and come
But let Your will not mine be done

I thank you Lord that every day
You meet my every need
I thank you that you use me in your plan
And through me you sow seed

And I thank you Lord that you’ve shown me how
To fully forgive another
So I can be at peace on this earth
With no debt owed me by my brother

And I thank you lord for the hedge
Or protection You place around me
And I thank you for the obedience to submit
To you…so the devil will flee

Lord forever is Your kingdom
Full of glory and power
And here I will serve You, awaiting Your call
In the midnight hour

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