Saturday, January 28, 2012

Church Growth


Dear Lord it’s time to open the doors
To those who will be led
By your spirit to come to our church.
They come hungry and need to be fed.
They’re searching for some answers
Not theatrics, glitz, and glam.
They need to know the answers
Of Your oh, so perfect plan.
For giving them foundation
On which they can firmly stand
And providing them with a Helper
Who’ll be there to hold their hand.
It’s clarity they’re seeking,
To what would be your will,
For their lives to give You glory
And in Your peace be still.
What they’re needing is a leader
Someone with a pastor’s heart.
Though they’re motives may be true
They simply don’t know how to start.
The process of renewing the flesh,
Setting their pride and ego aside,
The innocence of becoming humble,
And letting Your wisdom be their guide.
As a church we gladly welcome
Those that you will send,
And we will comfort and support them,
If they’re in need of a friend.
But it’s our pastor that they’re needing
To speak into their life,
To guide, correct, and encourage them
With their daily stress and strife.
And so we gladly share him
And pray for our sisters and brothers,
Knowing that next year,
It’ll be them encouraging others.

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