Sunday, January 8, 2012

Peace Be Still


Why am I fighting to hold onto “me”?
Am I so defined by this identity?
That I need to prove I am my own
Person with thoughts that are seldom shown?

Who really cares what I think anyway…
Do I just need a place for my thoughts to stay?
If they’re not from God then why do I care
If they’re expressed, or should I dare

Say something to someone I shouldn’t have said
Just to get a thought out of my head?
If I can’t get myself to submit
To my own spirit so that I can quit

Battling my flesh to be free…
Then how will I ever get rid of me??
There is Godly order to how we should live
A “first” sacrifice that we should give

It is our own flesh that we must kill
Lest we be constantly fighting our will.
A spirit that grows weary, a flesh that’s in pain
Neither one winning, yet both playing the game.

A rising up of the flesh that should be dead,
A fight against pride within your own head.
In order to say “PEACE BE STILL”
There is a person that you must kill…

It’s the part of you, you “think” that you know
That God needs you to kill so that you can grow.


  1. Excellent word for the day, we must be steadfast and those who are will find peace in mind, heart and soul. We serve an awesome GOD...AMEN

  2. *Always keep Jesus in your heart in all areas of your life.
    Today and Always Say,'Yes to Jesus and No to Satan.'
    Pray constantly and wholeheartedly with faith, hope, and love for Jesus' Healing and Miracles day by day for all mankind and the whole world.
    Practice makes progress
    Hope this helps in anyway in your, A Word from God in Due Season.
    God bless you today and always.
    with love.