Sunday, January 8, 2012



When you love someone enough to die for Him

That is when you’ll truly begin

To live the kind of life that Jesus led,

Serving one another instead

Of thinking of yourself and all that you lack

As though you’re a victim or “under attack.”

Jesus was tempted when He was most weak.

Yet to the rocks He did not speak.

He withstood the temptation and passed the test,

By serving His Father and not His flesh.

And this He did as an example for me,

A lesson in life if I’m to be free,

Free from my flesh, deceived and disturbed,

There thinks it’s not getting what it deserves.

If I can realize that Jesus has fought

These same voices…then I ought

To be able to kill my flesh as well

Cause if I don’t, it’ll take me to hell.

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