Friday, January 20, 2012

The Work


You sent me here for a purpose
An assignment if You will
And I don’t plan on quitting
To let someone else fulfill
The calling that You gave
To me while I am able
For I want to be the one
Who’s seated at your table
And not left standing
On the outside looking in
My face all contorted
From a ‘teeth-clenched’ grin.
I know just because you’re chosen
That doesn’t mean you’ll last
The race that’s set before you
If you spiritually run out of gas
You have to continue to wash yourself
With the water of the Word
You’ve got to listen with your Spirit
To the messages you’ve heard
Your mind, everyday
You have to fight to renew
It takes a conscious effort
If you’re gonna see it through
See “once saved always saved”
The Bible can disprove.
So if that’s your theory
In this race
Then would you kindly

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