Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Self Control


Lord, someone said something

That hurt my feelings today,

I got “bent out of shape”

And wanted to say

“well what about this

And what about that,

And while we’re on the subject

And as a matter of fact…”

But I closed my eyes

And I lowered my head,

And I silently prayed for

Your mercy instead,

To bridle my tongue

And comfort my heart

And give me your wisdom

Before we would part.

So instead of being guilty,

Of the sin of offense,

And instead of being bothered

And feeling nervous and tense,

I listened with my heart,

And found they were right,

I could see how I was wrong,

And I thank you for your light

That shows me how to

Become humble like You

And examine myself,

And my mind renew.

By Diana Marsh

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful exactly what I had to do