Monday, December 3, 2012

Drama Queen

                                             DRAMA QUEEN

                                              IN YOUR LIFE
                                               THERE IS NO LACK
                                                NO NEED FOR THE DRAMA,
                                                YOU'RE NOT "UNDER ATTACK"

                                               IT'S JUST YOU &" YOUR BUDDY"
                                               SAYING HOW THINGS SHOULD BE
                                               AND ANYONE WHO OPPOSES...
                                               BECOMES YOUR ENEMY

                                                YOU'VE DONE THIS BEFORE
                                                YOU'VE PLAYED OUT A SCENE
                                                OF HOW YOU WANT THINGS TO BE
                                                & WHEN THEY AREN'T YOU GET MEAN

                                                 YOU'RE ACTING SELFISH & RUDE
                                                  & IT'S TERRIBLY UNFAIR
                                                 TO FORCE YOUR THEATRICS
                                                 ON THE REST OF US THERE

                                                  YOU NEED TO DECIDE
                                                  JUST WHO'S IN CONTROL
                                                  OF YOUR MIND,YOUR WILL,
                                                 YOUR EMOTIONS, YOUR SOUL

                                                  BECAUSE IF YOU CAN'T
                                                  GET A GRIP ON YOUR STRIFE
                                                  & SHOW "YOUR BUDDY"
                                                  WHO'S IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE

                                                  YOU'LL FIND AS YOU AGE
                                                  THAT YOU'RE ALL ALONE 
                                                   AND YOU WILL BE REAPING
                                                  EXACTLY  WHAT YOU'VE SOWN

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