Monday, December 3, 2012

My Father's Business


There is this one thing I know without a doubt
That if God wanted to...he could just "take me out"
& he could do it suddenly with an "accident"
Then my time here on earth would have been spent.
Or he could strike me with an illness that's hard to cure
Perhaps his way of allowing his mercy to endure
All I know is when I stumble, everytime I fall
It's to my knees I go & try to give my all
I ask for his forgiveness & humble myself from my pride
I ask for grace & mercy and yet another try
But I know my days are numbered & what may not seem
Like a big deal to me... To God can be extreme!
It says I am "self-serving" and put my own self first
And God will withhold his mercy & allow my soul to thirst
I'm thankful he's forgiving & knows  my heart so well
Now if I can be about "my father's business"
It'll be too late to do it in hell.

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