Monday, December 3, 2012

Like Cain


Since Jesus left, His Holy Spirit came
He knows where you are and calls you by name.

So when the Bible says, "you need that no man should teach you,"
That simply means that He is able to reach you.

 & when men try to tell you what to do with your life
How to spend your money or who you should wife,

Seek answers from Him and you will find...
You already know these... you have His same mind.

So don't spend all your time seeking answers from others;
Or all of your energy "Helping your brothers"

A "sacrifice" is something you're not willing to do,
You're acting like Cain, that's not what He asks of you.

The work that you REALLY need to get done,
Is totally self-centered,  you are the only one

That can hear what He says when He's talking to you
He'll take care of all the others, just get yourself through.

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