Monday, December 3, 2012

Here comes the Judge


"Look at what you all do
  I gave My life to be with you!
You walk around as though I don't exist
  When My Spirit leads, you're eager to resist.
You act as though you are your own,
  With no consequence to seeds you've sown.
Your faith is in money, you serve your own lust;
  What ever happened to 'In God We Trust'?
You've taken abominations & made them the head
  Of a Church, that I'm supposed to wed?!
How dare you try, to change what I say,
To pacify the perverts, as though it's okay!
This never was to be an 'all-inclusive' ride,
  You're selling out your salvation & tainting my Bride!!
Adulterers, Whores, your lazy in-grates,
  all-accepting, & embracing, you were supposed to seperate!
To the lust of this world you weren't to conform,
   But by renewing your mind, become transformed.
You need to repent...You've failed the test.
  You've shown Me who you love the best."

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