Sunday, December 23, 2012

Comfort Me


Lord, I need to be rocked, as if to go to sleep.
 Father, it’s to my spirit that I need for you to speak.
Some words of reassurance that it’ll be okay...
Some kind and psalm-like melody, to help me find my way

Out of this web I’ve woven, which is my tangled past
And free me from the weight when I feel that I can’t last
Another minute from the pressure that boils from within,
Lord, when all else fails me, help me to begin

To seek You and Your comfort and know without a doubt 
That this test too, could come from you and I’ll soon be let out,
Of the holes that I have dug for myself, some which are quite deep.
And I’ll soon be filling them up with the dust I shake off my feet

Then I can stand before You worthy and stand before You bold,
As the treasures for my life on earth you’ve given to me...unfold.

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