Monday, December 3, 2012

The Lost


I'm sorry for what you're feeling
I'm sorry for your pain
But I introduced myself to them
Though they wouldn't call my name

I'm sorry for your sorrow
I'm sorry for who you lost
But they too had a chance to know me
But they wouldn't count the cost

You see it's not my desire
That any of you should fall
Away from my grace & mercy
That's why I gave it all

The burden that they were bearing
Had already been bore before
I gave them the key they needed
To simply unlock the door

But not all have ears to hear
Not all have eyes to see
Some go through their whole life
Without ever getting free

It wasn't your job to "save them"
Though you're saddened that they're gone
But find strength in the promise you've chosen
& on the road to righteousness carry on.

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